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The Blaenau Project

During the growth of Blaenau a large number of Public Houses have existed over time. The aim is to locate these premises and their names for logging into the project database and onto a location map. The survey should also include temperance houses.
Possible sources:
OS Maps - The various editions of OS maps of the area, especially the 25” to 1mile scale, will pinpoint those in use at the time the map edition was surveyed.
Census Records - Careful study of these records between 1841 and 1901 will uncover the use of premises for these purposes but the names of Public Houses and Hotels may not always be indicated. Temperance houses may prove more difficult.
Other Sources - There may be records existing somewhere of the breweries that supplied these premises. Applications for licences will also be recorded.
The locations, date of construction and where appropriate the date of demolition/change of use should be logged. Any information regarding cost of building, congregational membership numbers, ministers etc should be included.
Possible sources:- Church/ Chapel records, These should be available for existing locations and denominational organisations should hold historical records. Local religious groups will hopefully be able to help.
With the whole development of the town revolving around locations included in this category, this could be the section that creates the greatest volume of input. The aim for mines and quarries would be to introduce both surface maps and underground working plans together with historical data as to periods of working, production tonnages, ownership, surface transportation systems etc.
A brief history of each factory that existed throughout the years giving locality, years of operation, ownership and products plus any data regarding employee numbers etc. The same information should be sought for power stations. Hopefully the present owners of the Tanygrisiau Hydro-electric Station will be able to put together a full package. The cataloguing of other generating stations such as Dol-wen should include brief technical data as well as the standard info such as ownership, periods of use, maps etc.
Possible sources:- National Grid records?, County Planning records?
This grouping covers the building of roads in the area – from the Roman period to the present. Should involve highways rather than streets as the latter developed with the building of houses.
Railway development should include the London & North Western Railway’s construction of the Conwy Valley Line and the Blaenau to Llan Railway together with the Great Western Railway’s upgrading of the line. Should include any branch lines to local quarries. The lead-up and development of the Ffestiniog Railway should be included with detail concentrated on the line on the Blaenau side of Dduallt station. Limited mention of rolling stock but the connections to each quarry using the line should be detailed.
The development of bus services should be covered in as great a detail as possible. Sample timetables should be included from various eras to show the time of travel to various destinations on the lines/services.
Possible sources:- Railway enthusiast groups, These should be able to help locate books that cover the various railways involved. Archives and National Library of Wales These hold various plans and documents regarding both the northern and southern rail connections to Blaenau. Ffestiniog Railway, Hopefully they will provide all the input required on their line.
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